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​​​Therapeutic Healing

Those called for therapeutic healing are often at a crossroads, desiring a sense of clarity and deeper understanding of who they are. Through the use of reiki, body-based psychometry and heart-centred conversation we aim to support you through it all.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 130.00

​​​Therapeutic Healing Journey

3 x Therapeutic Healing sessions over a period of time that suits your schedule & your needs. This is an ongoing transformation process for those seeking a healing journey over time. It allows you to receive healing at a lesser price per session so you can focus more on taking care of yourself. Simply schedule in your first session here & then the remaining two in person.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
AUD 315.00


A full body Reiki healing and shiroabhyanga (hair & scalp massage with warmed, organic oils). A fusion of hands-on Japanese healing with ayurvedic massage for women.
The aim is to open a safe and heart-centred portal for one to awaken their inner goddess vibration – this means to receive without guilt or shame, to feel sovereign within your body and centred in your true compassion.

(1 hour)
AUD 90.00

Reiki & Yin Yoga Healing Journey

3 x private Yin Yoga sessions combined with Reiki Healing to help you build the practice of living in a mindful body overtime.
Each session we work through a specific meridian pair to release chi, whilst infusing your subtle body with a soothing reiki treatment. You will not only experience yin with reiki, yet will leave with at-home tools and knowledge for ongoing benefits. Suitable for those new to reiki or yoga and those deep in practice.

(1 hour)
AUD 240.00